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Evam Eva

Evam Eva Dry Cotton Snood - Mocha

Evam Eva Dry Cotton Snood - Mocha

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It's made from two twisted cotton yarns with a cool faux hemp finish, which gives it a unique Grandville tone with a sense of depth. The dry texture of the fabric feels like linen, while the warm cotton look makes you feel like spring has come early!

What's really neat is that the knitting process combines both jersey and rib knitting, which gives the snood different textures and appearances. So depending on how you wear it, you can enjoy different impressions.

You'll love how the Dry Cotton Snood looks paired with the Dry Cotton Tunic! The two pieces are crafted from the same fabric, making them an ideal match. Give it a try and see for yourself how this combination will take your wardrobe to the next level. This Snood is made in Japan with 100% cotton. This Snood is made in Japan with 100% cotton. 

size: length 15"(38cm) , shoulder width 20"(50cm) , chest 20"(50cm)

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