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Evam Eva

Evam Eva Washable Linen Camisole - Grege

Evam Eva Washable Linen Camisole - Grege

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The Washable Linen Camisole is one of Evam Eva's popular and timeless styles, and we absolutely love it! It's been one of our all-time favorites for a long time now! 

Its special dyeing method allows for home washing without worrying about shrinkage, making it a practical addition to any wardrobe. Not only that, but this camisole is perfect for summer wear, as it releases heat from the body, keeping you cool and comfortable.

With its classic design and versatile functionality, the Washable Linen Camisole is a must-have for anyone looking for a high-quality, long-lasting piece that can be worn time and time again. These Washable Linen camisoles are a fantastic choice to wear with the Washable Linen Pullover - they're made from the exact same fabric, so they're a perfect match!

size 1:length 21.25"(54cm) , chest 14.5"(37cm) , armhole 8"(20cm)
size 2:length 22.5"(57cm) , chest 15.75"(40cm) , armhole 8.25"(21cm)

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