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R&D.M.Co- Smokey Burnet Bandanna - Sax (light blue/light green mix)

R&D.M.Co- Smokey Burnet Bandanna - Sax (light blue/light green mix)

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Introducing the exquisite Smokey Burnet Bandanna crafted by R&D.M.Co. This versatile accessory is not only a stylish scarf for you but also a charming addition to your beloved furry friends' wardrobe. Meticulously fashioned from 100% Japanese Cotton, it exudes quality and craftsmanship. Its dimensions, measuring 52cm in width and 52cm in height, ensure a perfect fit and a touch of elegance for any occasion. What sets it apart is its luxurious feel, akin to silk—soft, feather-light, and incredibly comfortable.

But that's not all! This bandanna is a true multitasker, serving as a stylish accent for your attire, a cozy accessory for your pet, and even a practical choice for wrapping your bento box with a touch of elegance!

 Made in Japan.

About R&D.M.Co-

In 2004, the brand "R&D.M.Co" was launched, based on linen materials, offering original products with a nostalgic antique feel in a unisex style. It was established by a partnership consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Shimura, a collaborative husband-and-wife team. The atelier is located in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture, which is the hometown of the designer. 

All the items they offer are things the designer himself would want to use. They are created based on the philosophy of making "good things that can be used for a long time" and emphasize the texture of the materials.

They utilize the rich natural environment of their local area and the craftsmanship of local textile artisans, handling all processes from thread production, inspired by local industries, to the final product in-house.

Old Man's Tailor is a well-established brand known for its high-quality, meticulously crafted, Made in Japan products made from excellent materials.

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