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Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge Body Wash - Desert Cedar 8oz (237ml)

Juniper Ridge Body Wash - Desert Cedar 8oz (237ml)

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Looking for a body wash to lift your spirits? Look no further than Juniper Ridge's collection of organic and natural body washes. Based in Oakland, California, Juniper Ridge is the only manufacturer that goes into the mountains, forests, and deserts of the American West to wildcraft plants and extract fragrances using steam distillation. Their body washes use sustainably harvested plants and steam distillation to craft fragrance for home & body, making them safe to use not only on your body, but also on your hair and face. By focusing on plants native to the West Coast, Juniper Ridge brings the beauty of its natural splendor into your home. Juniper Ridge's body washes are paraben and sulfate-free, made with sustainably harvested organic ingredients, dye-free, petroleum product free, and cruelty-free, which makes them good for the whole person. It's so convenient that it's perfect for travel or outdoor activities, but you might find yourself using it at home too because of its fragrance. If you like the earthy fragrance, this is the perfect one to go to! Unlike other "forest scents" out there, Juniper Ridge's body washes have a rich and deep aroma that seems to condense the various natural scents of the outdoors. These scent evokes the forest and amplifies the lingering feeling that the introduction brings.


A concentrated liquid soap that transforms your shower into the sweet and arid high desert. Scent notes: Sweet cedar resin, warm leather, sun baked wood. Key ingredients: Coconut Oil, Steam Distilled Essential Oils.

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